Phoenix Collegiate

Student Wellbeing


At Phoenix, student wellbeing is a priority. There may be times that students will need support and guidance throughout their educational journey. If you come across an issue or any concerns, there is a range of individuals who you can approach and discuss:

  • Your form tutor
  • Your Head of House/Pastoral Manager
  • Oasis (based in the SEND department) run by Miss Woolaway or Ms Roberts
  • SEND department

Below are links to various support and advice pages online:

  Brook (free and confidential sexual health services)

  Childline (24 hour counselling service with any issues that may cause you distress/concern)

Kooth (24 hour website to support with free counselling)

 FRANK (Drug education service)

Young Carers

A Young Carer is someone under the age of 18 who is responsible for helping an adult in their family who has an illness (mental or physical) or disability that means they need a little extra help during the day to day life.

We understand that if this applies to you, you may need additional support with school life and we encourage you to contact your Pastoral team or contact the school on 0121 588 8384 or

The Young Carers group at Phoenix is in Partnership with Sandwell Young Carers. Click on the logo below to contact Ria Wiseman.