Phoenix Collegiate

Student Leadership

At Phoenix Collegiate, we offer a wide variety of student leadership roles to enable our students to take responsibility in a variety of areas – we want to champion their potential.  Our leadership programme promotes inclusion and we recognise the importance of providing our students with a diverse range of opportunities to become involved in leadership.  The ‘Student Voice’ is our focal point and we allow thoughts, views and ideas to be heard throughout the chain of our student leadership structure.

Our provision for student leadership continues to evolve and it is our objective for students to have the opportunity of making a positive impact on the school community they are part of, as well as preparing them with a range of skills and qualities they will need in an ever-changing world beyond school life.

The range of student leadership opportunities can be seen below (with job descriptions) to allow students to gain a key understanding of what is expected of them and what they can expect from others.

House Student Leadership Team

This group of individuals promote their House’s achievements in every area, providing support to the below categories:

Tutor Reps and School Council

This group of individuals direct topics of discussion to tutor representatives to share, collate information and raise within the school council.  They then have opportunities to raise any findings to the Senior Leadership Team, who will provide answers, solutions or feedback on the Student Voice throughout the entire school.

Student Ambassadors

This group of individuals will champion their chosen subject, providing support and encouragement for other students to be actively involved in this area, in any capacity, such as extra-curricular activities.

Phoenix_Student_Leadership_StructureStudent Leadership provision provides our students with opportunities to demonstrate and develop a whole range of personal skills and qualities.  We utilise our students’ skills of peer inspiration, whilst nurturing them to grow into effective young leaders and team players.

If you are interested in applying for a position, please click here for an application form, and return to Reception or the CCF office.

If you have any questions, please get in contact with:

Sqn Ldr Horobin – Extended Curriculum Manager (Activity and Enrichment)

Telephone: 0121 588 8384 (ext. 120)