Phoenix Collegiate

Phoenix School Uniform


A high standard of school dress is expected of all students at Phoenix.  It plays an important part in helping students to identify with a large school, and in establishing a good reputation with local employers and the community.

Parents / Carers are expected to support the school in maintaining the high standard, by ensuring that their children are sent to school dressed according to the information provided below.  Provided that it is the correct colour and style, items of school dress may be bought from anywhere.  The school colours are readily available from chain stores, markets and specialist suppliers at a reasonable cost.

Compulsory Uniform

  • Plain red 'V-neck' long-sleeved ‘Phoenix’ pullover, with black edging (Year 7 and Year 8).
  • Plain black 'V-neck' long-sleeved ‘Phoenix’ pullover, with red edging (Years 9, 10 and 11).
  • Plain black trousers (not fashion trousers, corduroy or denim) or plain black knee-length skirt (with black 25mm - 30mm belt, if necessary).
  • Plain white shirt, with collar (not t-shirts or polo shirts).
  • Plain black blazer, with the Phoenix school badge on the breast pocket and ret-trim on lapels.
  • Clip on school tie, in the appropriate House colour.
  • Student’s ID badge and lanyard (only available from the school).
  • Completely black shoes, with black laces (if laced).  Heel height not to exceed 25mm.  (No training shoes, 'fashion' shoes, white flashes or motifs)
  • Plain black or white socks, or tights (black or beige – no patterns).

Important things to note.

  • Students should wear both jumper and blazer.
  • Should a student require a jacket / coat, this should be in addition to a blazer and jumper.
  • Jewellery is limited to one small plain stud in each ear lobe.
  • Replacement House ties are obtainable from the School Office at a cost of £5.00.

Where head coverings form part of a religious observance (hijab, Sikh patka, turbans), these must be plain navy or black.  If there is a religious head covering requirement not mentioned in this policy, please contact the school to discuss further.

The following are NOT allowed:

  • Trainers or 'fashion' shoes
  • Hooded tops / jackets, sweatshirts, 'fashion' cardigans
  • Make-up
  • Nail varnish, acrylic nails, gel nails or nail extensions
  • Hats or caps (on the school site), with the exception of woollen hats in very cold weather - to be removed on entering the building.
  • Denim trousers or jackets, and leather / 'leather look' jackets
  • Unnatural hair colouring, whether whole head or sections
  • Durags, hair wraps and bandanas
  • Hair length should be a minimum grade 2 - therefore, no shaved hairstyles or markings are allowed.

For items worn that are NOT allowed, the following consequences will be followed:

  • First occasion - students will be able to collect their item(s) from the School Office, at 3:00pm, on the same day.
  • Second occasion - the item(s) will only be returned to the student’s parents / carers.  The item(s) can be collected from the School Office, between 3:00pm - 4:00pm, on the same day.
  • Students, whose item(s) are confiscated for a third time in a year, must arrange for parents / carers to collect it between 3:00pm - 4:00pm from the School Office, seven days (five full school days) after it was originally removed.  For example, a nose ring confiscated on a Thursday will be returned at 3:00pm on the following Thursday.
  • The length of confiscation of a student’s disallowed item(s), due to a fourth incident, will be at the discretion of the Head Teacher.

PE Kit

The P. E. Department will always take into consideration a student's religious beliefs with regards to P. E. kit.  Students and parents / carers will also be advised, in good time, the kit required for inclement weather conditions.

The P. E. Department does not, under any circumstances, accept responsibility for the loss of any valuables brought in to school by students.  Students are advised to leave all valuables at home.


  • P. E. polo top - red and black, with Phoenix logo
  • P. E. shorts - red and black, with Phoenix logo
  • P. E. tracksuit bottoms - red and black, with Phoenix logo
  • P. E. tracksuit top (optional) - red and black, with Phoenix logo
  • Sports socks - red and black, with 'Phoenix' written on them
  • Pair of lace-up training shoes
  • Shin pads (need to be purchased from sports shop)
  • Football boots (need to be purchased from sport shop)



  • P. E. polo top - red and black, with Phoenix logo
  • P. E. shorts - red and black, with Phoenix logo
  • P. E. tracksuit bottoms (optional for girls) - red and black, with Phoenix logo
  • Black leggings (students are not allowed to wear cycling shorts)
  • P. E. tracksuit top (optional) - red and black, with Phoenix logo
  • Sports socks - red and black, with 'Phoenix' written on them
  • Pair of lace-up training shoes
  • Shin pads (need to be purchased from sports shop)
  • Football boots (need to be purchased from sport shop)

Students must remove all jewellery, should not be chewing and long hair has to be tied back.  Any valuables brought down to the P. E. Department will be collected at the start of the lesson and placed in a numbered, and different colour, plastic wallet.

Art and Design, and Technology

Boys and girls also need an apron for both Art and Design, and Technology.

House Ties

Students who need to purchase a school tie should do so via their ParentPay account or via the school's online shop.

If students are experiencing difficulty activating their ParentPay accounts, please contact the Finance Office.

If you have any queries about the suitability of an item of uniform, please seek advice from House staff before purchasing.


The wearing of jewellery can be a safety hazard and is not permitted.  This includes all rings, necklaces and body piercings.  The only exception is a small plain stud type earring worn in the bottom lobe, but students may be required to remove these for practical activities.

Students are allowed to wear a wristwatch, a single plain stud earring (in the lobe of the ear) or jewellery required as part of religious observance.

Dress Code for Sixth Form Students

There is a business style dress code in place for all Sixth Form students, which should be adhered to at all times and should be worn with pride.  It identifies students as members of the Sixth Form.  Smart business suit, consisting of shirt, trousers / skirt and jacket should be worn.  Ties are optional but preferred.  Black shoes must be worn by all students and trainers are not allowed.  Students on specialist courses, such as Hairdressing or Construction, will wear clothing that is appropriate to the course and advised by course tutors.  However, when these students are on school site, they must adhere to the dress code detailed above.

The students' ID badge and lanyard are an integral part of their business dress and should therefore be worn with their photo showing at all times.  Lost ID cards will be replaced at a cost to the student of £5.00.

Procedures for Dealing with the Contravention of Uniform Policy

Any problems with uniform should be explained on the first day through a note signed by the student’s parent / carer.  This should be countersigned by the student’s form tutor.  Students who arrive at school, not in the correct uniform, may need to be withdrawn from lessons for that day unless suitable uniform can be loaned to the student concerned.  All students are expected to wear loaned uniform and failure to do so will be dealt with as defiance, requiring the student to be isolated.

Uniform Suppliers 

To purchase our Phoenix uniform, please click the link below to see a range of uniform suppliers' addresses and website links.