Phoenix Collegiate

Royal Marines (RM)

Going strength-to-strength, Phoenix CCF launched a Royal Marines section in January 2023.  This offers even more opportunities for our cadets to be developed and is supported by the Royal Marines Youth Team.

What we do

Part of the Royal Navy family, Royal Marines Cadets enjoy all the exciting activities on water that Royal Navy Cadets do, as well as branching off into serious adventure training too.  Specialising in orienteering, field craft and weapons handling is what makes Royal Marines Cadets unique.

While you're doing this...

Orienteering across Dartmoor, travelling abroad, rock climbing, rowing, ceremonial drill and parading with a band, first aid, engineering, weather forecasting and power boating... and getting badges to prove it, perhaps taking part in national competitions.'ll get all this

You'll become confident in new situations.  Feel more in charge of yourself and know how to make a good impression.

You'll find you want to listen to others with more experience in life than you because you'll quickly see how it gets you to where you want to go.

In turn, you'll learn how to support people who are less experienced than you, which you can use to captain a sports team and stand out in interviews.

Think how it would feel to be able to walk into a room and feel at ease speaking with anyone.

You'll gain positive habits and thinking that will last a lifetime.

'I don't give up' will become just how you think.

At school

Most cadets find that what they learn at CCF makes it easier to listen and focus at school, and be organised.  This can make keeping up with school work less stressful and gives you more time for other things.  Standing up in front of other people to give a presentation will usually become less scary too - you might even come to enjoy it; and you won't be afraid of putting your hand up in class and joining in.