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Product Design

Why should you choose Design Technology

Studying product design will give you the opportunity to develop a range of skills including research, practical, designing and making. The subject enables you to investigate a wide range of materials, techniques and processes whilst applying mathematics, science and art knowledge. Students will undertake project-based work which includes interior design, jewellery making, architecture, product design amongst other creative fields. Students will investigate a range of artists, designers, craftspeople and design movements such as Art Deco and Bauhaus.

Career Options

Careers which this subject can lead to are: graphic designer, manufacturer, engineer, jewellery designer, interior designer, carpenter, joiner, builder, surveyor, teacher, technician, mechanic, product designer. Work is varied, well-paid and rewarding.


What else could you get out of Design Technology?

The subject is hands on and develops your ability to solve problems. It enables you to be creative and think logically. Research skills can be transferred across other subjects studied and it is a valuable vehicle to apply Mathematics, Science and English. You will also produce a portfolio of work which can be used as evidence of your creative skills when attending interviews for work and further education.


How is the course assessed?

Component 1: Portfolio (60%)

An extended design and make assignment in response to a theme, brief, problem or task.

Component 2: Externally set assignment (40%)

The externally set assignment is based on preparatory study that leads to a ten hour period of sustained focus in which you will produce a response to a chosen theme, brief, problem or task.



Attitudes to Learning

You must enjoy being hands on and working with tools and equipment. However, theory is a very important part of the subject so you must be willing to investigate, evaluate and analyse materials and processes. It is a time-consuming subject so be prepared to attend at lunchtimes and after school.

 ** you can not study Art as well as Product design

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