Phoenix Collegiate

Online Safety

The Phoenix Collegiate works with staff, students and parents / carers together to create a school community which embraces the use of technologies in supporting learning in a responsible manner underpinned with agreed policies to minimise potential online safety risks.  We actively encourage responsible use of ICT and some examples can be seen below.

Student Champions

At Phoenix, we have a team of dedicated students who are our Online Safety Ambassadors.  It is their job to work with the Online Safety staff team and promote staying safe online around the school to students, parents / carers and the community.  Students’ responsibilities include:

- to be trained as E-Safety Ambassadors.
- to plan online safety events for the students, parents / carers and the local community.
- to assist the E-Safety lead with planning whole school competitions.
- to discuss matters relating to online safety and to update teaching and learning materials.
- to keep up-to-date with online safety rules and regulations, and policies.
- to take part in national initiatives, such as Internet Safety Week and Anti-bullying Week.

Staff Champions

Online Safety Staff Group (ID 1080)

Online Safety Showcase

Please see below events and activities that take place at Phoenix relating to online safety.

Online Safety Showcase

Supporting Families with Online Safety

CEOP have produced a package to support online safety, including advice and activities that can be accessed at home, to improve understanding of online safety.  The link can be accessed by clicking on the image below.

Childnet have produced a leaflet (accessible in different languages) on how parents / carers can support their child with online safety.  The link can be accessed by clicking on the image below.

e-Safety Label have produced a more comprehensive guide on different aspects of online safety. The link can be accessed by clicking on the image below. 




National Online Safety

Please see below, from National Online Safety, advice and tips on what parents and carers need to know about AI Virtual Friends.

What you need to know about AI Virtual Friends

Please see below previous National Online Safety advice and tips: