Phoenix Collegiate


In the interest of student safety, The Phoenix Collegiate has strict procedures in regard to students taking any medication (including pain relief, such as Paracetamol / Ibuprofen, etc.) during school hours.  If your child needs medication during school hours, the school requires a 'Request for school to administer medication' form, completed by the parent / carer (available from Ms. Sands in the First Aid office, the school office upon request or by following the link below) before the student can take the medication.


This form needs to be handed in to the school office, along with the medication marked with the student’s name and labelled for the attention of Ms. Sands (First Aid), A Block.

All medication will be kept safe, under lock and key, and a record of its usage within school maintained.

Students will have to attend the First Aid office (A Block) to take their medication and can receive an 'out of lesson' pass from Ms. Sands for this purpose (if medication is taken daily).  The only medications to be carried by students are inhalers and EpiPens.  In these circumstances, we still require a completed form to help keep your child safe in an emergency.  We request that spare medication for use in school is kept in the First Aid office (as a spare, if a student loses, runs out or breaks theirs).

Please click here to access the school's Medical Policy.