Phoenix Collegiate





Head of House: Mr Gibbs

Pastoral Manager: Mrs Pearson


Hello and welcome to Oak House, I am Mr. Gibbs, the Head of Oak House and along with Mrs. Pearson we support the pupils within this amazing house.


As a P.E. Teacher, I see skills that are used in sport such as communication, teamwork, fair play and self-analysis as being essential for the day to day lives of pupils within the house.


Community is a key focus for Oak House.  

What positives can you contribute towards the Phoenix community? 

What positives can you take from the Phoenix community, to develop yourself further? 

These are questions that should be asked regularly by staff, parents and pupils.


In Oak House we look to support our local community in the charity work we do. Oak House collects donations for Smethwick foodbank three times a year. This is an important event that the house is proud to facilitate. This is only made possible through the excellent support from parents, pupils and staff.