Phoenix Collegiate



Head of House: Ms Foster 

Pastoral Manager: Miss Grant and Mrs Hubbard

Hello and welcome to Juniper House, I am your Head of House Ms Foster. I am also an English Teacher which I love dearly. I am passionate about both roles with Phoenix and strive to achieve the best from each and every student.


Aspiring to be the best you can, will only be achieved in Juniper House through the positive mindset of our dedicated  house captains, form reps and subject ambassadors, to lead the way in encouraging aspiration, respect and endeavour amongst all members of the house around school and represent Juniper with confidence and pride.


‘A hope or ambition to achieve something’ - in Juniper house, we strive to be the best that we can be, both as individuals and as a community, as our house slogan suggests ‘We Stand as One’.   A community doesn’t just happen, and this is something that I want Juniper to lead the way with. In supporting one another around the school, in house events, celebrating our achievements and learning from our failures.