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Information Technology

Why should you choose DIT

Businesses today require an ever-increasing number of technologically aware individuals, and this qualification is intended to help you develop the skills you will need in the future across a wide range of job roles.

It will give you skills in user interface design and the use of spreadsheets to analyse data and dashboards. This is alongside learning about effective digital working practices.

What will you learn:

Component 1 – This involves pupils exploring User Interface Design Principles and Project Planning Techniques. Pupils will develop their understanding of what makes an effective user interface and how to effectively manage a project. They will use this understanding to plan, design and create a user interface.

Component 2 – This involves pupils collecting, presenting, and interpreting data. Pupils will understand the characteristics of data and information and how they help organisations in decision making. They will use data manipulation methods to create a dashboard to present and draw conclusions from information.

Component 3 – This involves pupils learning about effective working practices. Pupils will explore how organisations use digital systems and the wider implications associated with their use. Pupils will then be examined on this knowledge.


Career Options

Lead to A-Levels, BTEC’s or Apprenticeship in similar subjects: IT, Creative Media, Games Design. Any career working in the Digital Sector


How is the course assessed?

Component 1:

  • · Exploring user interface design principles and project planning techniques.
  • · Internally assessed assignment 30% of the total course.

Component 2:

  • · Collecting, presenting and interpreting data.
  • · Internally assessed assignment 30% of the total course.

Component 3:

  • · Effective Digital working practices.
  • · Externally assessed exam 40% of the total course


Attitudes to Learning

BTEC DIT is suited to students who have an interest and/or skill which they would like to develop. Students who wish to pursue this course will be required to be organised, enthusiastic, have excellent time management skills, work well as team, work well independently and communicate effectively.

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