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Extra-Curriculum Home Languages GCSE Courses

Why should you choose an extra GCSE language?

If you can already speak and write another language fluently (native level), then you should consider preparing to obtain an extra GCSE qualification in that language. The languages on offer are: Punjabi, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Greek … (for any other, just as a language teacher)



Career Options

Having an extra GCSE language will give your future applications (for work or college) a considerable boost. You are lucky that you already speak another language, now you just need to get the qualification that proves it!


What else can you get out of Home languages?

Sharing your home language and culture with others as well as learning from other’s experiences whilst improving your communication skills (verbal and written), listening and reading skills. Furthermore, you will have the possibility of obtaining an A level qualification in that language in the future.


How is the course assessed?

At the end of year 10, as long as you have made the necessary progress to obtain top marks, you will entered for the final GCSE exam which has four papers: listening, reading, writing and speaking (25% each skill). The exam board depends on the language –your teacher will inform and prepare you for it.


Attitudes to learning

You will be expected to attend period 6 once a week or once a fortnight and submit homework to your teacher on a regular basis. Therefore, you will have to demonstrate a strong ability to be organised and to work independently, juggling this extracurricular course with your other courses. However, given that it is your home language, the level of difficulty will be minimal for you as long as you speak it and write it as much as possible!



For more information or to express your interest in signing up for the course, please get in touch with the Language Department.

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